Thursday, March 26, 2020

How We Can Help

Yes, our lives have been disrupted. What once was a need is now a luxury. I, like many of you, was blissfully unaware of how much I’d soon have to give up. 

Each of us is dealing with the reality of today in very different ways. The world looks different and feels different, because it is different. That can create a sense of insecurity. It can be paralyzing to even think about. 

Yet, stripping away luxuries reveals what really matters. Our team recognized this quickly. We wanted to do something; to make a difference. Starting now, we are reclaiming (some) control over the situation. It’s time to focus on helping others.

Since our team started WFH almost two weeks ago, we’ve spent our daily video standup brainstorming ways to help others with our technology…to use software for good. We’d done it before. We’d donated our time and software to help nonprofits. But this was different. Now we were discussing how to go all in and help organizations navigating a new normal.

It resulted in some of the most engaging and creative conversations. It gave purpose to the team’s passion for helping those in need. It gave structure to our days, driving us to accomplish more than if we had planned for this.

We’re excited to offer the following options to companies of any size during the next 90 days:

  • Communications Solution – We want to make sure you have a tool that enables you to easily communicate with all of your employees via a mobile app that is personalized for each employee as well as send out real-time text messages for urgent updates. You can use it for 90 days at no charge with no strings attached. To get started, you can use this link to create a free account.
  • Brand Awareness App – Let’s be honest…we’re all on our phones more than ever right now so why not take advantage of that behavior? Our Brand Awareness App enables you to easily share helpful content with your customers directly on their mobile device with no app store download required. We’ll set you up with our Brand Awareness App Starter Kit so you can quickly customize it to match your brand and content (no code required!). You’ll have 90 days to use the app at no charge with absolutely no strings attached. Create a free account to get started and you can have an app launched in a matter of hours. 
  • Rise Up App – It’s a collection of resources to get you through these crazy times including resources on kids’ activities, fitness, WFH strategies, finances, prayer and worship, food options, job postings, and more. Plus, there are more than 100 state-specific resources in the app! It’s completely free and available to use on mobile, tablet, and desktop. To access the Rise Up app, you can view it here or text RISE to 844.987.1688.
  • Marketing Strategy Sessions – If you’re like most companies, your marketing strategy has likely changed a ton in the past few weeks. That’s why we’re offering 30-minute marketing strategy sessions with one of our marketing experts to be a sounding board for your new strategy, help you brainstorm ideas, or just be a safe place for you to vent. Sessions are limited so make sure to schedule one ASAP
  • Educational Opportunities – We have a number of upcoming virtual events on digital marketing topics such as hosting virtual events, developing an app strategy, mobile-first mentality, measuring effectiveness, and more. You can view and register for all upcoming virtual events here.

I hope one of these options will be useful for your company and help you continue to run your business in this new world. 

In the meantime, stay home and stay healthy. We’ll get through this together.